This is an article from back in 2011 but I still felt the need to share it. For the most part she is spot on but there are some points I disagree with and think are worth discussing.

1.) Women have baggage, too, especially the attractive ones.

I definitely agree with this one. I usually like to speak from an unbiased point of view but personally speaking, I’ve dated enough hot girls to know they are NEVER baggage free. Now that I’ve hit my mid twenties, the problem is that most hot girls in their mid twenties have had plenty of guys screw with their heads and become more or less “fixer upers”. I’m a guy who’s been fortunate to have navigated the dating game minimally unscathed in his mid-twenties so I come to the table with very little baggage… but that’s a rarity in this day in age.

2.) Women prefer personality to looks.

I agree with this and it’s a topic that’s been beaten to death so I’m not going into it.

3.) Women DO NOT like bad boys.

I disagree with this a 100%. I treat the dating game like an experiment and I use myself as a guinea pig. I was, am, and always will be a nice guy. My nice guy charm worked wonders in high school and my world came crashing down in college when I went through a dry spell and all the girls flocked to “douchebag” fraternity guys. I analyzed it, resisted it, and then finally I decided to give it go. It took a great deal of time to break old habits but I did it. Mark my words ladies, it’s easier for an asshole to play a good guy then it is for a good guy to play bad. I couldn’t believe the kind of attention I got when I started being a “bad boy”. It was like fishing with dynamite. Even in my mid-twenties, nothing has changed! Women DO love bad boys!

4.) There’s no “right” line, but there’s a right way to say it.

Definitely agree with this one. In actuality pick up lines are archaic and don’t exist anymore. It’s all about the delivery of dialogue. Want to know the best line I’ve ever used? I walk up to a girl make eye contact from about 30 feet away and keep my eyes locked on her until her eyes acknowledge me. I walk right up to her and say “Hi, my name is…”

BOOM! That’s all it takes!

It’s all about how you say it. Don’t be sleazy. Don’t be too nonchalant. It takes practice but once you get it down, that’s all it takes! Oh… and funny. Always be funny. Women love that shit.

5.) There is never a bad time to approach a woman.

I disagree with this as well. I’m all about reading a girl’s body language. It’s the biggest indicator and frankly the most underrated tool at a guy’s disposal. Most guys don’t care, they hit on anything and everything but a guy like me reads a girl before he goes in. What can I say? I hate rejection! Sometimes a girl just wants to go out and enjoy a night with her friends. You can read those vibes and I’m a gentleman enough not to harass that girl. A girl who wants to get hit on makes it clear with her body language. GUYS! LEARN TO READ A GIRLS BODY LANGUAGE!

6.) Women want you to respect them, not admire them.

Every guy falls to the whims of a gorgeous girl. Hopefully guys learn from it but some make that mistake from girl to girl. I’ve taken enough “BS” from girls back in the day and now I refuse to and I’m a better player in the game for it. In my experience hot girls are easy to attain but hard to keep. They have to find the right guy to tame them. The same is true of a guy out in the wild. The right girl will housebreak them. I’m going into the housebreak concept, you all know I beat that concept into the ground but guess what? It rears its head again!

Overall this was a great article so please take the time to read it!