In the spirit of Valentine’s day, lets talk love. This time of year we throw around the infamous “I love you” a lot but maybe if you’re any bit like me you’re stingy with the usage of it. I’ve never wanted to say those three words until I really felt it. But the crazy thing about love is… what is love? When I sat down and tried to find a steadfast definition I simply couldn’t. My better half injected some much-needed freshness into my dilemma. Love is what we define it to be. How crazy is that concept?! I can give you a long-winded definition that I’ve crafted over the years but it’s pointless if you don’t subscribe to my way of thinking, right?Wallpaper-Valentine-Day-06

So what do you consider to be love? Is it a rationalization broken down into a Pro’s and Con’s list as to why you and that person work? Is it just as cheesy to say it’s something you feel and just know? I never considered love to be subjective. But the more I think about it the more I’m on board with that idea! All these major celebrities preach living the life you want and ignoring the noise around you. This also applies to the topic of love. Many celebrities don’t believe in monogamy, which is self evident from all the cheating, break ups, and surprise hook ups we hear about on TMZ. These people redefine the norm so why can’t we? Define for yourself what love is and how it should be executed.

As for me, I defined love in my own way and that’s exactly how my story played out. So if it worked for me, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Troon Out.