An Article by Tarun Verma

Tinder is the hot new happening app in the dating world. The beauty of this app is how simple it is. No lengthy profiles or in depth analysis of your personality or the person you are being matched up with. Let’s briefly walk through different parts of this app.


The profile consists of a profile picture and you can add up to 4 additional pictures for others to scroll through. It displays your first name, age, and a tagline with a maximum character count as a tweet. If you have any musicians or TV shows you liked on Facebook then it gets displayed here but that’s it! The emotionally deep bohemian types are screwed here..



The only preferences available to find a match is which sex you wanted to be matched with, a distance radius, and what age range.  So much for a custom tailored recommendation eh?


Now the meat of the app. It takes roughly 2-3 minutes to sign up and set up your profile and you finally get to the what this app is all about. You get sent a picture of a person and you either swipe the pic to the right if you approve or swipe left if you’re not interested. If you’re on the fence, you can click on their picture and scroll through their other pictures in their profile. The only way you can talk to a person you like is if they like your picture back. That’s it!


The basic purpose of this app is to get the introduction out of the way. Let’s be honest, that’s the hardest part anyway. So you’re at a bar and you see the girl you like. Ideally she pops up on your Tinder and you like her and she likes you and now outright rejection is eliminated from the game and you’re free to approach the girl. That makes for a great TV ad doesn’t it? Ha…silly marketing people…


Any numbnut could of walked you through this app so why did I cover it? Not only am I big tech fiend but mixed with the dating world and my interest is more than piqued. So let’s dig deeper and see why an app like this is hot news. Its unlike,, and the countless other derivatives out there.  These websites thrive by creating a custom tailored dating experience. You can read an in depth resume of someone before even saying hello. But Tinder is strictly superficial. Are you hot or not? It’s a more refined version of rate a girl site that went viral several years ago. Watch ‘The Social Network’ and it will jog your memory. This app is a natural extension of how social media has lead to a worldwide high in narcissism. Those god awful ‘selfie’ movement is clear evidence that looks have, do, and will always matter.

Can you expect to find love on Tinder? Pshht hell no. Let me compose myself and rephrase that. Love can be found at anytime and anywhere so yes you can find love on Tinder. But lets bring fictional math into the picture. Chances you find love on Tinder? Let’s say 10% because it’s strictly a superficial connection and if something great comes out of it then perfect. Now what are the chances you find a booty call or a casual fling out of it? I’m going to go with 70-80% if you’re a half decent looking person. Whether this app is for you or not, leave me feedback detailing your Tinder exploits!

Troon Out.