An Article by S&M

Guy: “Uhm, you like having sex?”

Girl: “Yea…is that a problem?”

Guy: “Uh, it’s pretty slutty. Girls aren’t supposed to want to have sex the way guys do. It’s lame if you make it too easy for us.”

Girl: “Well, it’s a biological craving. I probably don’t want it as much as most guys do or as often, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hormones in my body that make me feel…twirly”

*Sex either happens at this point or it does not.*

The terrible thing is that I’ve heard this mentality about sex and how women shouldn’t want it for way too long. I’m not saying that we should embrace promiscuity, but I don’t think the attitude that women wanting sex and being considered sluts is healthy AT ALL—for women or men.

And it’s not just guys who think this way; there are a lot of women who worry whether or not it’s too soon to give up the “cake” even if they want to. Apparently, you have to make a guy work for it; otherwise, you’re telling him you’re not top shelf, you’re the $3 wells special.

WOMEN ENJOY SEX; THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM SLUTS OR WHORES! The fact is that the concept of “purity” is man-made. Some females aren’t even born with hymens. A woman can break her hymen by exercising; there really shouldn’t be a measure for virginity to begin with because frankly, I think I’m worth more than my hymen, thanks! The notion that tampons can take away virginity is also ridiculous and is a pretty popular concept amongst many minority cultures. Although there are some women who have this kind of mentality, the guys, that have this mentality as well, end up outweighing them.

I’ve actually heard guys in medical school come up with pneumonic devices like, “ooh ah, what it is to touch a virgin’s vagina” when they are studying. Then something along the lines of, “Bro, I don’t even know what that means anymore. Wouldn’t it be amazing?” ended up following the pneumonic. I’m sorry, but there’s no measurement on how tell if a guy is a virgin or not, just like with a number of women, there may not be a hymen present.

Why has society decided that a woman’s worth is placed on her virginity? In the olden days, sure because that’s all a woman was worth (I could go on about this). But even now, when women have educations, hold jobs, and are sometimes the breadwinners of their households, the mentality for the majority is still the same. I’m disappointed in men just as much as I am in women. If you sit there and don’t say anything when someone throws something like that in your face, you’re letting things stay the same. And as a male, if you don’t at least try to treat a girl like she’s a human being and allow the notion that women can have the same desires as you, you better be a virgin yourself cuz hypocrisy ain’t cute.

It really is something to think about. A woman can’t always be herself because she has to play the “purity game”; there have been way too many times where I’ve wished I could’ve been born a guy just because it’s easier to be yourself (not just in regards to this). Unfortunately, it’s expected of men to constantly want sex all day every day, and when they don’t, they get the label of “gentleman” from a woman or “fag” from other guys. So much judgment in the circle. *sigh*

This article was inspired by Ludacris’ line, “tight like a million virgins”. I would like to hear the male equivalent to this, anyone? Or does society have us so trained that we can’t even come up with one because a man’s worth is hardly ever placed on his purity?