An Article by Tarun Verma

This is a concept I’ve been developing for quite some time. Every person is a story (hopefully a good one!) but you have to start at the beginning. Many people say a person’s past doesn’t matter and it’s about accepting the person as they are. This ain’t an episode of Maury!! I disagree and pose a better way to go about it. Ladies and Giotlemen…sharpen your no. 2 pencils and get ready to take notes cuz’ school is in session!

In order to fully accept and love someone for who they are, requires knowing the 3 parts of them, or better known as “The Rule of 3”:

1.) Who they were

2.) Who they are now

3.) Who they are going to be 

Knowing who they were
All three 3 parts are intricately linked but I think this is the most important. Our actions in the past have a large role in who we have become today. Understanding someone’s past involves understanding all the trials and tribulations they faced and how went about problem resolution. This helps you paint a complete picture of that person. I’m a habitual listener so I go as far back as a girl can remember but at the very least have an idea of who a person was in college and if you have the patience for it… high school.

Who they are now
This is one is easy and most people do this right. What makes a person click? Food/movie preference? Essentially getting to know the person in and out. I like to play a game where I throw hypothetical situations at her and see how she would respond to it. It’s a fun and easy way to get to know someone AND a great way introduce a fun and innocent drinking game into the mix!

Who they are going to be
This one also makes sense. Since you are going to be with /or want to be with this person you have to have an idea who they are going to be in the future. Hopefully this future self is influenced by you and the time you two spend together. Not to mention we all have an idea what our professional and personal life will be like in the future. We all strive to find someone who wants a similar future or better yet… has the same world view.

As always the dialogue is far too long but the written page has to end some time!

Cheers =)