An Article by Tarun Verma

I don’t fux with them Igers. Take a chill pill, Iger is the term for an avid Instagram user. Chances are if you’re up to date with technology you already knew that and you know exactly what kind of girls I’m talking about. There entire Instagram account is full of selfies or pictures of her out and about. These “wanna-be” socialites or better yet the “Instagram Models” are a great change of pace from the food pictures but let’s be honest, these chicks are not wifey material. We all have girls like these that pop up on our feed and yes, we men love that shit. Most guys (especially the creepers) will holla at this girl and leave copious messages on her picture and it’s disgusting. Come on guys, have more dignity than that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always told girls if they got it, flaunt it! But be classy about it ladies! If your picture is 10% your face and 90% your breasts and your caption has an Oscar Wilde quote or simply “Hard work is my religion”, then I can’t help but think you’re a fucking idiot. WHAT DO YOUR TITS HAVE TO DO WITH HARD WORK?? Did your tits send out a million emails and finish the project due at work? NO! I don’t think they fully understand Instagram. The caption should have relevance to your picture!

Rant aside, what makes these chicks not wifey material? Vanity. Plain and simple, it’s vanity. Fellas, you do not want to marry a girl whose soul is full of vanity. That relationship is destined to be doomed from day 1. If you’re a rich Saudi prince who desires this in a wife, then hey do you. I’m sure these girls are trying to seek you out too…with their breasts.

Guys, we have all fallen to chicks like these and its okay, life is a learning process. But get smart! Dump these Iger hoes and seek out the sweethearts! In the long run, you’ll thank me.

Troon Out.