I was at happy hour earlier today with a cutie that has recently come back on the market. So naturally I was curious as to what went wrong and decided to ‘go there’! After several Mojitos and crab cakes later this was a case I’m all too familiar with. This chick absolutely HATED her ex. She was ripping off a list of his crimes and wanted to cut his balls off. Why ladies? Why must your hate be focused on our jank? It makes me uncomfortable!!

Several points hit me as she was talking. Just seeing her get so worked up with emotion as she was going on about him made it abundantly clear how much she cared for him. Now I wasn’t about to mention that to her…I wanted to leave with my loins in tact! Such genuine emotion exists if you’re emotionally invested in someone. How fleeting is your anger to the asshole that cuts you off on the highway? The aftermath of a relationship is always devoid of reason and overly filled with mixed emotions. For the ‘dumpee’ this is worse because they were/are usually happy until the news breaks. They never fully understand why they were dumped and this leaves a huge door open in the future. A person honestly can’t move on to the next until they’ve had closure on the previous episode. All this negativity in the head is baggage you carry on in life and it’s not the way to do it. So what’s the fix then?

No matter if you initiated the break up or were the victim, a lesson is to be learned. Every Ex I’ve had that dates as far back as high school has taught me something about myself and helped me prevent making mistakes in the future. More often than not we date the same person over and over. I’m sure you’ve heard that and it’s a vicious cycle we’re not aware of until the light bulb goes off. Realize what dating trends you have and it’ll make your life a lot easier by dodging all dating weak points.

Wrapping this up it brings me to the title. Despite the aftermath and drama from each breakup, I’m a better man because of everything I’ve learned from my Ex’s, so how I can possibly hate them? No ma’am. I got nothing but love for my Ex’s.

I still tell the ones I talk to I appreciate them and to the one’s I don’t I just want to say… Thank You.