An Article by Anastasia

Sex and the City is considered the ‘Holy Bible’ for us in many circles including my friends and I. What’s not to love about the show? Fashion, sex, gossip, and a great display of female paranoia that hits home with all of us! Everyone has a favorite character and a favorite aspect of the show they loved. For me it wasn’t the sexy men or the relationship advice that hooked me, it was the celebration of women. Of course I have my favorite character but I loved how each girl was able to just be her!  There hasn’t been such a show that celebrated everything woman in a long time until Carrie and her darlings came along. Watching this growing up taught me that’s okay to speak my mind and I shouldn’t feel guilty to feel every emotion in the human dictionary within a span of 15 minutes!

Their plights became a personal investment to us and we vicariously lived through them. We cried, laughed, and got turned on… ON EVERY EPISODE! I love this show because it helped me feel comfortable being me in this crazy world!