An Article by S&M

Recently, I have been going on a lot of blind dates set up by my parents. If that concept doesn’t send shivers down your spine or make bile rise to the back of your throat, congrats!

I try not to “overwhelm” these guys with my larger-than-life personality; however, I always find it necessary to somehow let them know that I am a feminist and that defines part of who I am as a person and what I stand for.

Unexpectedly enough, the facial expression that appears on a guy’s face is usually one full of fear. Occasionally, there is a glance for maybe the waiter or a quick search for the nearest male human being.

The first time this happened, I wasn’t sure if it was because of something that I had said or because there was something going on behind me. After the second and third time, I finally realized that there’s something about the word feminism that makes guys freak out.

I racked my brain for answers after my last two feminist-fear encounters. Guys love women (if they’re straight). So why not love the empowerment of women? Well, I finally realized after talking to a number of men and women that it’s not just the menfolk who fear the word. *whisper* The ladies be afraid of it too. *end whisper*

I think the reasoning behind this is that there is a multitude of definitions for the word, and usually there’s a negative image of a crazy *bleep* attached to the definition. I would like to take this moment to present my version of the word feminism (that I would of course, like to shove down the gullets of the masses).

The goal of feminism is to create a global stage where women are given the same benefits, respect, and appreciation as men. I firmly believe that men and women are NOT created equal. The biology of a human being determines a human’s needs, wants, strengths, and weaknesses which are mostly different for each sex; this biological “programming” can’t be overturned by a society or culture. However, this “programming” can be corrupted by a society or culture by assigning derogatory roles and labels to one gender specifically, which I think is what has happened to women since almost the beginning of time.

I think it’s ridiculous that women comprise over half of the Earth’s population, yet less than 10% of women own property. The majority of cultures, religions, and societies tend to dispense a second-rate status to women as objects of desire, trade, or even as a way to settle disputes in some backwards ass cuckoo villages and tribal regions. This objectification sprawls across democracies to authoritarian dictatorships and from first-world countries to third-world countries.

Simply put, women have a tendency to be more sexually, verbally, and physically abused than men because they are continuously labeled as the weaker and less-worthy sex through media and patriarchal values.

The most frustrating thing is that women are to blame for a lot of this. I know so many women that talk big game, but when it comes time to shut someone who isn’t treating them fairly down, they back off. Why is that? Why are women so afraid to call someone out when they’re being downtrodden? I don’t get it and I refuse to be a part of it.

I’m not saying that feminism (at least my version) will rule supreme over Earth and the rest of the universe any time soon, but I hope that eventually it (or some form of feminism) will. It takes a snowball to start an avalanche. Even a small move where a woman stands up for herself or even if a man stands up for a woman, can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.

I think feminism is an issue that should be talked about more than it is shied away from. I think that men and women need to be educated and open-minded enough to come up with their own definitions instead of the stereotype of a psycho female.

I for one, am tired of the uncomfortable shift in the chair and avoidance of eye contact whenever that word escapes my mouth. FUCK YEA, FEMINISM!